Michael Kalec ‘Michael A. Kalec’ Travel Writer

This is a blog where I share my travel experiences and encourage other like minded people to travel more.

At the age of 21, I decided that traveling the globe was my destiny! I also realized that I’m not the most graceful traveler.

Michael Kalec

Michael Kalec

How People Describe Me:

“Working with Michael has been a dream. He produces the tightest copy, always meets deadlines and often delivers before them and always has interesting angles to pitch. ‘Michael Kalec’ is one of our best freelance finds.”

Here is one more:

“We have contracted Michael to write several articles. These pieces involve interviewing scholars about a wide range of topics and then distilling the discussions into pieces for our online newspaper, The Wallpapers, that are readily accessible to lay audiences. Michael’s deft touch brings to life both the academics and their work in a most readable manner.”

After finally graduating from college in 2007, I began my vagabond life, sometimes constantly on the go, sometimes living in one place overseas, always fueled by the mighty and endless power of wanderlust.

Favorite style of travel: cultural immersion, road trips, independent

I love to write about my travel experience, so more people can read it. I have been traveling for more than 8 years now.

In this time, I have traveled lots of places some were fun and some were horrible.

If you are one of those people who like to read about travel, this blog will be a fun read for you.


Like a lot of people, I hoped that travel would solve everything. I was convinced my trip would be all about incredible, life-changing moments; ones full of sunsets and rainbows and meaningful experiences. Instead, I stumbled headfirst into disaster.

So, why do I then have a blog?

Well, on my journeys I come across a lot of awesome backpackers and people who never thought it possible to travel to places like North Korea, Iran, Pakistan or other places that are considered “a little shady”.

I am also a self-taught travel photographer who was named Travel Photographer of the Year by both the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association.

Live the good life, after 19 plus years abroad, and in 107 countries; I know how to live the good life.

Ethical and sustainable travel doesn’t have to hamper your trip-of-a-lifetime, in fact, it can enrich them.

Whether you are already in the field, planning for your overseas trip, or just starting your search, these blogs share best practices, stories, news, and useful insight that will help you build a better world while traveling around it.

My Interests and Aim of this blog?

  • Traveler
  • Travel Photography
  • Sharing experience
  • Travel Writing

Meet Michael Kalec

Here is a brief introduction of myself. I manage this website and write blogs in which I share what I experienced as a traveler in different countries.

Every person’s life has unforgettable moments that define it, and for me, most of these moments revolve around our travels. Like the time I ice skated inside the Eiffel Tower.

  • It wasn’t until I met people my same age from all over the world (doing very different things than what I was doing) that I was inspired to take some action.
  • It just seemed unfair to think they had all these amazing stories to tell, and here I was, beginning to feel more and more complacent in my generally comfortable life.

I’m not a writer and I’ve never dreamt of being one but I always have lots of different ideas that I want to do.

My mission is to do more than travel the world; I want to really get to know it. The main theme behind my blog and my travel ethics is deeper, more intelligent travel.

My travel styles vary from trip to trip, but the hunt for a good story is always the same.

I love to travel and explore, to get lost and discover hidden gems, to chat to locals about their culture, and – most of all – to discover a place through it’s food.


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